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Who wants to be a (handless) millionaire!” . Collect and accumulate buckets full of cash in this epic game show of action & skill!. This popular flash game has been played over 75 million times, you know what it is 😉

  1. Handless Millionaire iOS – iTunes Apple Store
  2. Handless Millionaire Season 2 iOS – iTunes Apple Store

Your Objective:
Stick your hand through a guillotine and grab the cash quickly — avoiding the blade cutting off your hand. Collect the cash by bringing it back to your side and stackin’ up.

Perfectly time your grab and memorize the dangerous blades every move. Can you figure out the sequence?

Snag upgrades to shield or freeze the blade. Play through 9 rounds of unique challenges and unlock achievements.

What (awesome) people are saying about HM $$$

I don’t always play games, but when I do, I ball out with handless millionaire
– The Most Interesting Man in the World

So, you’re telling me… you risk your hand for millions of dollars? I’m in.
– Skeptical Third World Kid

Not sure if hand is worth more or less than a million dollars
– Fry

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